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First and foremost, this content journey chose me. We make choices in life, for sure. But I didn’t just wake up one morning and ‘decide’ I’m going to become The Content Expert.

The truth is, words and storytelling have been a core part of who I am all my life.

While the boys were playing with Lego and Transformers, I was the little girl, sat in the corner writing stories.

While everyone at school was revising for maths and science, I put all my energy into English, the creative side. Because that was the only thing I enjoyed.

While I was progressing my marketing career, no matter what skills I was learning, I’d always end up back with content. Strategy, planning and writing.

When I dabbled in my first business, I was much more interested in the freedom it gave me to write content from the heart, than I was in selling the products.

No matter what choices I’ve made, it’s come back to content every time. I love words, I love writing, and I love teaching others everything I’ve learned along the way.

The Content Expert only exists because content chose me.