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First and foremost, this content journey chose me. We make choices in life, for sure. But I didn’t just wake up one morning and ‘decide’ I’m going to become The Content Expert.


The truth is, words and storytelling have been a core part of who I am all my life.

While the boys were playing with Lego and Transformers, I was the little girl, sat in the corner writing stories.

While everyone at school was revising for maths and science, I put all my energy into English, the creative side. Because that was the  thing I enjoyed most.

While I was progressing my marketing career, no matter what skills I was learning, I’d always end up back with content. Strategy, planning and writing.

When I dabbled in my first business, I was much more interested in the freedom it gave me to write content from the heart, than I was in selling the products.

No matter what choices I’ve made, it’s come back to content every time. I love words, I love writing, and I love teaching others everything I’ve learned along the way.

The Content Expert only exists because content chose me.

The Content Trainer

Everyone has a unique story, and the best person to tell that story is YOU.

Captivate your audience by becoming a real-life storyteller. My range of courses will give you the confidence and permission to put yourself at the centre of all your content.

The Copywriter

Some of you simply won’t have the time (or desire!) to create your own content.

That’s ok. With my signature Discovery Questionnaire, I can get inside your head and tell your story for you.

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My Facebook group, The Content Crowd, is a free community where you’ll find other like-minded business owners who create their own content.

If you’re looking for a little support and would like tips and advice on all things content (with a dash of fun thrown in), come and join us.